On February 25th - 27th...
Learn The Leading Post-Pandemic Business Strategies To
Start, Grow, or Scale Your Business 
From the CEO of the #1 Fastest Growing Coaching & Consulting Company in America
Spend 3 Immersive Days With 1,000+ Impact Driven Entrepreneurs Developing the Mindset & Pursuing Mastery in Business, Health, Wealth, and Relationships … So You Can Achieve Superhuman Results in EVERY Aspect of Your Life in 2022
Learn The World's Most Advanced Curriculum For Personal & Business Transformation From The Comfort Of Your Home...
(Without Having To Worry About Flights, Hotel Stays, Jet Lag, Covid Tests, Or Getting Stuck In Quarantine)

2021 Was A Year That Nobody Expected - Full of Chaos, Confusion & Instability 

As a result of that, most entrepreneurs I know struggled.

They realized their businesses were built on shaky foundations…

They realized they weren't "one funnel away" from success…

They realized that if they truly wanted to create a bulletproof business and become financially free…

And put themselves in a position to sustain the conditions of ANY market environment…

SOMETHING needed to change.

A lot of people realized the job they had wasn't as secure as they once thought…

And realized there was FAR LESS RISK in reclaiming sovereign control over their true earning potential by launching the business of their dreams...

Whatever the situation, the truth is today's market is more complex than ever before…

But there's also more OPPORTUNITY than ever before.

There's more money in circulation than any other time in history…

Millionaires and billionaires are being minted by the day…

The global "virtual economy" has enabled you to connect with people all over the world willing to do business with you…

And you don't need a storefront...you don't even need a product to start a business…

Because you can monetize your knowledge and expertise and BE the solution to someone else's problem.

But one thing has become clear over the past year…

In order to avoid all the new risks and challenges in the marketplace…

And in order to take advantage of this incredible opportunity…

You MUST develop extraordinary MASTERY in 3 specific areas…

And when you do...

The speed at which you can achieve results in your business, your bank account, your impact, your influence, and throughout every area of your life…is UNPRECEDENTED.

People will look from the outside in and ask…

"What in the world are you doing differently!?"

Because you're experiencing such accelerated growth - it's almost unbelievable.

They'll wonder what it is that YOU know that they don't…

They will think you're a PHENOMENON.

Helping you develop mastery of these 3 key areas is why I've decided to put on this event at this time…

And never before has there been an opportunity to go this in-depth with the curriculum that I teach…

Which is ordinarily reserved for my $30k+ coaching clients…

But I know that people need support now more than ever…

And I believe that EVERY entrepreneur has what it takes to BECOME A PHENOMENON.


I Built My Dream Business From $0 to $200k In The Midst Of The Pandemic...

I was going around and around learning different strategies but nothing seemed to work until David helped me get clarity on how to put all the pieces together into a step-by-step-plan . . . and in less than 10 months I went from $0 to $200k in my business in the midst of the pandemic.”
- Ashley Mansour
Book Writing & Publishing Consultant


Unprecedented, Behind the Scenes Access to The World's Leading Transformational Business, Mindset, & Life Curriculum.

This is a first of its kind event…

I'm pulling back the curtain on my own business, revealing proven, current ways to create unprecedented levels of growth in this post-pandemic economy.

Because most people get stuck on the entrepreneur's carousel, jumping from one "magic pill" strategy to the next…

But skip the step of dialing in the foundational elements of their business…

From powerfully differentiated messaging, to scalable offers, to the specific strategies that you need to implement depending on the stage of growth you're in.

Because despite what the "celebrity" marketing gurus try to sell you, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy.

And whether you're in the start, grow, or scale phase of your business, the strategies you use are going to be different.

So, after our 3-days together at Phenomenon 2022, you will know EXACTLY what stage of business you're in, you'll have ALL of your foundational pieces dialed in…

And you'll leave with a strategy that enables you to consistently and predictably generate high-paying clients in a way that makes sense and works for YOUR business.

From there we're going to take a look at the resistances you have to growing your business…

And not just create awareness around those resistances, but how to MASTER the world's most effective transformational technology to go beyond self-awareness and change the way you think.

I'm also going to teach you my "superhuman" habits...daily practices designed to help you master your health, your wealth, and your relationships.

Because you don't have to wait to live a PHENOMENAL life until some distant time in the future when you've created success in your business.

In fact, the sooner you create a strong foundation in these other vital areas of your life, the more likely–and FASTER–your business will grow.

This is the first time I've EVER made this caliber of material available to the public...

And I've never made it this accessible or affordable to dive so deep into my life's work of teachings and trainings that span business, personal growth, and life skills development.

But while I've taught these principles and strategies at separate virtual events over the past year...I've never put them all together into a single, life-changing curriculum like the one I'm sharing at Phenomenon 2022.

This is the comprehensive Entrepreneurial MBA I know will enable you to reach new levels of growth and both personal and financial success in 2022…

And I couldn't be more excited to share it with you.

David Showed Me How To Triple My Business Using A Few Simple Pivots...

“My business was doing $400k a year and then Covid hit. I assumed things were going to slow down. But David showed me how to stay in the expansion. In the last 9 months I generated over $1.4 million dollars virtually and am on pace to start consistently hitting $400k MONTHS!"
- Shameca Tankerson
Business Coach & Consultant

The 3 Keys to Becoming a 

Becoming a phenomenon means evolving into a fully-integrated entrepreneur that thrives on EVERY level of your life - not JUST your business.

The problem is...most personal development events don't help you grow your business...

And most business events don't cover mindset...

Meanwhile, there is NO ONE teaching entrepreneurs superhuman habits - how to tap into higher levels of energy, creativity, and intuition…

So that you gain the stamina, vitality, and vibrancy to achieve your world-changing goals.

And in the go-go-go society we live in, there are plenty of entrepreneurs that create business success but can't maintain their health…

There are plenty more that are successful in their business but terrible at maintaining their personal and professional relationships…

And there's far too many entrepreneurs trying to "do it alone" without fostering the network, support, or team that will support them in fulfilling their untapped potential.

So Phenomenon 2022 Virtual truly is a one of a kind event.

It's for the impact-driven entrepreneur who wants to BE it all... AND HAVE it all…

Personal Development 2.0

Go Beyond Self-Awareness & Permanently Eliminate Your Limiting Beliefs Utilizing the World's Most Advanced Personal Growth Technologies

Most entrepreneurs are addicted to finding a "magic pill" strategy that will take their business to the next level.

But all too often they refuse to recognize…

80% of the "game" of business is MINDSET.

Because if you're wanting to grow, but you're consistently carrying around the weight of your limiting beliefs…

Around not having enough time or money...or not being good enough to reach your desired level of success…

You'll continue to engage in patterns of procrastination, "shiny object syndrome", and self sabotage that WILL hold you back.
So, as important as it is to get clear on a business strategy that's appropriate for your stage of growth…

It's even MORE important to align the person you're becoming with that plan.

But it's not enough to simply become aware of your limiting beliefs.

To achieve mastery, you MUST go beyond self-awareness and actually learn how to change your brain.

That's why at Phenomenon 2022, you're going to spend an entire day learning the most advanced mindset technologies to do exactly that.

I’m going to show you the latest developments in cutting edge science, practical techniques, and mental technologies to rapidly re-pattern your mind and achieve your business and personal goals–with ZERO resistance…

So that you have less stress, more joy, more connection, more presence, more confidence....

And to help you close the gap between who you are and who you know you're capable of becoming. 

Build A Bulletproof Business

Learn The Latest Post-Pandemic Business Strategies To Start, Grow, or Scale Your Business & Generate Your Next $25k-$150k In the Next 90-Days

Whether you're an entrepreneur just starting, in the process of growing, or currently scaling your existing business…

There's never been a time with more opportunity for you to succeed than RIGHT NOW in 2022…

But there's also never been as much "market confusion" in today's society.

We've entered a new era of doing business and marketing…where "old school" strategies are no longer relevant or effective…

And identifying the appropriate strategy to employ in YOUR business at the right time, in the right way - depending on the stage of growth you're CURRENTLY in…

Is absolutely critical to your success and future trajectory.

Yet there's still more "celebrity" marketing gurus than ever shouting at you from every angle that THEY have the best strategy for you…

Without knowing your business, your market, or whether or not their "thing" will actually work for you…

Meaning - plain and simple - the majority of them WON'T work for you...there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

But it's this confusion that keeps most people on the "entrepreneur's carousel" and prevents them from achieving the level of income and impact they're aiming for.

So, understanding how business works at the fundamental, foundational levels, knowing what stage of growth you're in, and leveraging the RIGHT strategy to employ at that stage…

Is the key to being able to consistently get you and your offers in front of high-paying clients.

And having coached 100s of high-level clients in the past year alone, I can make one promise that I know to be true…

Your next $50k, $100k, even $250k in revenue is waiting for you in the network you already have.

You just need to learn how to put your message in front of them.

But if for some reason you're thinking "I don't have a network"...

Phenomenon 2022 is the place to create it.

Develop Superhuman Habits

Learn the Most Advanced Health, Wealth, and Relationship Strategies to Unlock the "Hidden" Resources Needed To Fuel Your Growth & Show Up Powerfully In the World

There's a 3rd piece that's required for you to become a phenomenon in 2022…

Because an unbalanced life is an unsuccessful life.

You can have an unshakeable mindset and program your brain to become a goal-achieving machine…

You can have the best business and marketing strategy in the world…

But if your health, wealth, and relationships aren't fully aligned with the business you're building and the way you're thinking…
You WILL hinder your ability to progress, grow, and achieve the impact you've set out to create.
You need to fuel and support the vision you have for the business you build, the impact you create, and the personal life you live…

But most entrepreneurs lose steam and allow the day to day requirements of running your business move them into stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and complete burnout.

Sure, we all want to reach the next level of business success…

But it takes tremendous levels of energy to build a world-class business…

It requires developing unbreakable RELATIONSHIPS with your spouse, family, and team - all of whom should become champions for what you're creating…

It demands building and maintaining the HEALTH and vitality you need to overcome the inevitable challenges you WILL face as you grow...physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually…

And it requires the strategy to not just make a lot of money…

But to start laying the foundation of creating true WEALTH.

Which is why we're going to dedicate an entire day at this event with an absolutely crucial training, specifically designed for impact-driven entrepreneurs, where you'll learn my "super ritual" practices…

From visualization to meditation and my nutritional habits, these are the tools I use every single day.

You'll learn my leadership strategies that will empower you to have more influence and persuasion - not only within your business, but within personal relationships…

We'll go deep into how to foster, strengthen, and maintain your relationships - with yourself, your partner, your family, your team, your industry, and your community…

And you'll also learn how to build lasting, generational wealth using the windfalls of income you start generating within your business in order to set yourself up for long-term financial security…

Because wealth doesn't come from the cash deposited into your bank account - it's what you do to make that income work for you that matters. 

Money is great. But wealth sets you free.

I'll show you how to create it at Phenomenon 2022 Virtual on Day 3.


Unleash Your Inner Power & Become A Phenomenon

In just 3-days, you will literally transform the way you think about your business, money, relationships, health, and personal psychology…

This event is perfectly timed 60-days into the new year - to address what's been working and what isn't.  

Because if 2022 isn't going the way you want it, now's the time to course correct.  

And if it is, now's the time to look at how you can harness that momentum and accelerate your growth - in your business and your life.

When you make the decision to join Phenomenon 2022, we'll dismantle EVERYTHING that hasn't been working for you…

And EMPOWER you with proven tools and strategies to create effective and impactful change in the way you think, act, and achieve the life, business, and impact you've always dreamed of creating.
Phenomenon 2022 is NOT a personal development event…. 

...and it's not a "business growth" event…

Even though you will UNDENIABLY grow personally and professionally, and you'll be equipped with the latest tools and strategies to skyrocket your revenue…

This is about completely evolving who you are and how you show up in the world as an entrepreneur.

It's about becoming unstoppable.

It's about becoming superhuman.

It's about turning YOU into a phenomenon.

The Most In-Depth Training I've Ever Given At ANY Event - Virtual or In-Person

Here's exactly what we're going to cover in our 3-days together at

DAY 1:
Accelerated Personal Growth & Removing ALL Resistance
  • Learn David’s latest technologies for tapping into higher levels of intelligence, creativity, and unstoppable energy.
  • ​Permanently eliminate the fear of financial insecurity, 'not enough time','not good enough' and overwhelm.
  • Learn what the real cause is behind procrastination and how to stay in consistent, productive and joyful action.
  • ​​Identify and eliminate the patterns of thinking freezing you in non-action and distracting you with “busy-ness”.
  • ​​Advanced methods to maintain and deepen your invincible mindset.
  • ​​Unlocking consistency: why you get off track and how to stay on target.
DAY 2:
Advanced Business Design and Strategy For Start, Grow & Scale Level Entrepreneurs
  • Learn & Implement David’s proprietary business methodologies for: starting, growing and scaling a highly profitable, predictable business.
  • ​​Find the RIGHT strategy for your business at your stage of growth for maximum cash flow in the next 3 months.
  • ​Get absolute clarity on your action steps for the next 30, 90, and 180 days.
  • ​​Get clarity on the foundation pieces of your business and evolve your offers, messaging and market positioning.
  • ​​Learn how to enroll even high paying clients now.
  • ​​​Plus LIVE coaching and feedback to make sure your plan is rock-solid.
DAY 3:
Becoming Superhuman 
  • Advanced wealth-building strategies to create, retain and grow extraordinary, lasting wealth.
  • ​Elevate your leadership, influence and persuasion skills using David’s ground-breaking leadership philosophy.
  • ​Learn David’s powerful daily "super rituals" to hyper-energize your body and tap into extraordinary levels of creativity, vibrancy, intuition and health.
  • ​​Deepen your capacity to develop and maintain healthy, passionate and connected relationships with your friends, family and intimate partners.
  • ​Put all the pieces of the 3-days together into a holistic, healthy business/life integration so that you can have the life you dream of now, not someday when.

Plus, I've Put Together An Incredible BONUS Package to Maximize Your Time and Results Before, During, and After the Event...

Phenomenon Event Box & Workbook

Who doesn't love getting things in the mail!?

Even though this is a virtual event, I want to make this experience as hands-on and tangible as "the real thing".

Which is why I've put together an exclusive "gift package" I'll be sending directly to your front door with a few "surprise" items we'll incorporate into our 3-days together.

You'll get a physical workbook jam-packed with content and exercises and room to record your insights, revelations, and takeaways from each of the exercises we'll work through together.
Technology is amazing, but the benefits of actually writing things down has been scientifically proven.

In fact, neuropsychologists have identified the “generation effect” which basically says individuals demonstrate better memory for material they’ve generated themselves than for material they’ve merely read (or watched on a screen). 

After our 3-days working together, this will be a reference full of tools for you to use to recalibrate and hold yourself accountable to the goals you set for yourself at the event.

The rest? You'll just have to wait and see. But I guarantee there's some pretty radical "swag" inside.

Phenomenon Pre-Event Preparation Call

Not everyone comes to an event with a clear intention of what they wish to accomplish or takeaway…

But this pre-event preparation call will change that.

Join David and his team of coaches as we set the stage for what we'll cover each day and how 
you can start preparing yourself ahead of time in order to maximize the value in these 3-days of training and live coaching.

In addition to giving you a running start into Day 1 of the event...we'll use this call to get you familiar with our virtual event platform Hopin.

It's an incredible tool designed to make this virtual setting feel as close as possible to actually "being in the room" if you were in person with us.

We'll show you how to navigate the networking rooms so you can connect with your new community of fellow entrepreneurs throughout the event, when and where to ask your questions, and how to maximize your experience to make Phenomenon as immersive and collaborative as possible.

Private Phenomenon Facebook Community 

Before, during, and after the event you'll gain exclusive access to this community for Phenomenon attendees-only.  

If you've ever attended one of our events, you know the caliber of entrepreneurs we attract to our tribe…

And you know that our online communities aren't "normal".
This group will be the hub for making new connections, expanding your network, sharing wins, encouraging one another, and interacting with our team throughout the event.  

The event will only last for 3-days, but this community and the friendships you make will last forever.

Complimentary General Admission Ticket to the Powerful Living Experience LIVE Event (February 24-26 2023 - Round Rock, Texas) 

This is our flagship LIVE event, named "One of the Top 3 Must-Attend Personal Development Events for Entrepreneurs" by INC.

Due to the Covid pandemic, we had to postpone doing an in-person event until 2022.

The good news? We are able to do THIS event - Phenomenon 2022.
The better news? We'll be back in action next February and LIVE in Round Rock, Texas.

Tickets normally retail for $997.

But for eagerness to participate in Phenomenon, we want to reward you with a FREE ticket to next year's LIVE, in-person event (it requires a $197 refundable seat deposit to reserve your spot).

Phenomenon 2022 Digital Playbook

This "crash course" covers everything you need to know about creating a successful business and becoming a fully-integrated entrepreneur.

It includes everything from your personal foundations and spiritual vision, your mindset, eradicating your limiting beliefs, identifying and overcoming internal resistance, 
business strategies and the core concepts for growing a multi-million dollar business, and my personal "super rituals" I use to master time, money, energy and have the vibrancy to achieve the vision I have for my own business and life.

The strategies and practices I share in this playbook alone have the power to radically change your life.

Register NOW To Lock In Pricing 

February 25th - 27th, 2022


Access to Live 3 Day Virtual Interactive Phenomenon 2022 with David Bayer

Access to general networking opportunities LIVE at event

BONUS #1: Phenomenon Event Box with workbook and other event materials

BONUS #2: Phenomenon Pre-Event preparation call

BONUS #3: Private Phenomenon Facebook Community

BONUS #4: Complimentary General Admission ticket to The Powerful Living Experience LIVE event February 24-26 2023 in Round Rock, Texas.

BONUS #5: Phenomenon 2022 Digital Playbook

(Only 200 Available)

VIP access to Live 3 Day Virtual Interactive Phenomenon 2022 with David Bayer

BONUS #1: Phenomenon Event Box with workbook and other event materials

BONUS #2: Phenomenon Pre-Event preparation call

BONUS #3: Private Phenomenon Facebook Community

BONUS #4: Complimentary General Admission ticket to The Powerful Living Experience LIVE event February 24-26 2023 in Round Rock, Texas

BONUS #5: Phenomenon 2022 Digital Playbook

VIP BONUS #1: Access to 3 LIVE pre-event “preparation sessions with David’s trainers” so you can maximize your experience at the event

VIP BONUS #2: Access to private coaching rooms during event to be supported by David Bayer’s coaches 

VIP BONUS #3: Private VIP Virtual Q&A Lunch Experience with David

VIP BONUS #4: Access to VIP virtual networking opportunities at event

VIP BONUS #5: Priority access to book a Strategy Session with one of David’s Success Coaches at event (space limited only 200 spots) 

VIP BONUS #6: Exclusive access to David’s 2-hour Business Accelerator Masterclass training.


This Is NOT Inspiration...It's Complete Integration

Phenomenon 2022 combines the most powerful modalities proven to transform information...into integration.

This is NOT going to be a webinar. Phenomenon 2022 isn't a bunch of talking heads on your computer screen talking AT you.

It's myself, my team of coaches, and an expanded network of entrepreneurs learning, sharing, and collaborating together to evolve who we are, what we accomplish, and to create the world we want to live in.

We've Invested considerable time and energy to create a virtual platform that will be an interactive, engaging, and energizing experience for all those who attend.

It won't just be like the "real thing"...IT IS the real thing - only virtual.

You'll be connected with a room full of superhuman entrepreneurs and change-makers on a shared mission to radically reinvent the world - starting with themselves.

These phenomenons in the making are inspired and aspirational individuals committed to doing the deep inner work...while generously sharing and supporting each other–and YOU.

The caliber of people our events attract is unlike any seminar, conference, or retreat you've ever attended - and you're likely to create profound, lifelong connections with them.

The opportunities for networking, relationship building, and synergistic collaboration we've created have the potential to vastly expand your reach, magnify your impact, and expand into new areas of business.

This event is NOT about "learning more"...because learning alone doesn't create growth...and it certainly doesn't change the world.

Growth comes when you immerse yourself into new ways of thinking and doing business down to the very core of your being…

When you persistently implement, iterate, and improve EVERYTHING you do in business and life…

Which is why we've designed this event not just to teach you...but to make sure you come out on the other side with the wisdom and vision to produce 10x more in 2022 than the last 3 years combined.

Phenomenon 2022 brings together personal development and business training to help you accelerate your growth in ALL areas of life and start operating at a whole new level.
Because when you can not only upgrade them, but have them integrate together to work optimally as a whole...


Meet Your Guide to Becoming a Phenomenon 
David Bayer is a phenomenon of the business and coaching worlds. In a meteoric rise, he has rapidly become one of the most widely respected and electrifying business strategists, speakers, coaches, and mindset educators of our time.

He has built the #1 fastest growing business and personal development coaching company in America (#171 Inc. 500 fastest growing company list.)
David was recently featured in Success Magazine and Inc. Magazines and was named both “a leading expert on business strategy” and “a leading expert on the next evolution of mindset”. 
His book Mind Hack has been downloaded over 250,000 times. His business trainings and videos have been viewed by over one million entrepreneurs. His recent interview on Impact Theory was rated a Top 5 all time interview on the #1 personal development show on YouTube and top rated personal growth podcast.
David has quickly become the go to expert on business growth for impact driven entrepreneurs, teaching them how to create highly profitable and predictable impact-driven businesses so they can reclaim sovereign control over their time, money and life and ultimately achieve their full potential.

So you can go out into the world and create BIG IMPACT and BIG INCOME...
The Phenomenon 3 Day Mindset and Business Event is where it all starts.
Though this event is virtual, SEATING IS LIMITED...so grab your ticket while they last and join this community of highly successful, mission-driven entrepreneurs for this extraordinary opportunity that WILL transform your life and business - forever.
David's Phenomenon 2022 Virtual Team is happy to answer any questions you have about the event or registration.

Our goal is to support you in your personal and professional evolution by making Phenomenon 2022 an event you will never forget.

Call us at (407) 512-9997 or email us at 
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